The Gobert Group, 7 companies at your service

The GOBERT Group was founded over 65 years ago in Thieusies, a small village located between Mons and Soignies. Initially active in the coal and oil trade, as well as transport, the family business developed over the years to bring together at present six other companies active in the fields of transport, construction materials, civil engineering, hydraulic works and machine hire:

Construction materials trade
Gobert Matériaux  
The company Gobert Matériaux specialises in the construction materials trade for professionals and private individuals.
They have 6 sales outlets located in: Mons, Strépy-Bracquegnies, Soignies, Roucourt, Nivelles and Anderlecht.

Ardoises & Matériaux
Acquired in January 2011, the company Ardoises & Matériaux focuses mainly on professionals. Their five warehouses, located in Charleroi, Noville-les-Bois, Liège, Verviers and Brussels, are happy for you to visit.

Bellez Matériaux
Since October 2013, the company Bellez Matériaux has been part of the Gobert Group. Their warehouse in Colfontaine is ideally located on the N550 motorway, and they also deal with both professionals and private individuals, who appreciate their superb showroom.

Public and private works
A company founded just after the Second World War and acquired by the Gobert Group in 1995.
Their main speciality is hydraulic engineering, including river dredging, improving and reinforcing river banks, installing gabions and laying out and digging ponds.
To carry out this work, they can call upon specialist high-quality equipment and qualified staff experienced in this kind of task.

Our team will be happy to provide detailed site management information and a full administrative review.

Transport and Civil Engineering
Gobert & Fils – Transmanumat – Hanneuse
Our transport and civil engineering companies have a fleet of various types of vehicles: trucks, tractors, semi-trailers, flatbeds, crane trucks, ADR tippers and tankers, dumpers, loaders, hydraulic cranes, pushers, crushers and rocker shovels.
Multilingual dispatching (French, English, Dutch and German) is at your service so that you can your transport effectively throughout Europe.
Over the years, our companies have developed in line with legislation and are now specialists in ADR and non-ADR waste transport. In this capacity, Gobert & Fils has official permits to operate in the Walloon Region (Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire, de l'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement), the Flemish Region (Openbare Afvalstoffenmaatschappij voor het vlaamse Gewest) and throughout Germany (Bezirksregierung).


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