The Gobert Group and the environment


For a long time now, the Gobert Group has been particularly concerned with protecting the environment.

In order to combat road congestion and pollution, we believe in the development of watercourses as part of a logistical environmental strategy. As a barge can carry the load of 40 trucks, several of our warehouses are located along watercourses so that we can use them when delivering materials:

  • Gobert Matériaux Tubize
  • Gobert Matériaux Roucourt
  • Gobert Matériaux Strépy-Bracquegnies
  • Ardoises & Matériaux Charleroi
  • Gobert Matériaux Anderlecht

In our "Building Materials" division, we sell Clean Site System bags which enable building site staff to dispose of their plastic packaging (film, coverings or bags). All they have to do then is deposit their bags at one of our warehouses, and we will take care of recycling them.

Following the same principles, we have Derbigum Recycling bags at our warehouses, for collecting and recycling waste from cutting.

We also work with suppliers who produce environmentally-friendly materials such as solar panels, insulation etc.