Our Aims

Here, in the form of 10 commandments, are the aims received by our staff:

1) You will constantly seek to improve your knowledge, through ongoing training.

2) You will take responsible for your mistakes, in order to understand them and, above all, not to make them again.

3) You will never forget where you come from and you will always strive to integrate new colleagues, so that they can adapt to their new working environment as quickly as possible.

4) You will be attentive to the wellbeing of the triangle: consider suppliers as your partners, colleagues as your allies and customers as your first priority.

5) You will prioritise communication and dialogue, in order to facilitate a good understanding at all times between people and different activities in the group.

6) You will believe in the possibility of development of every person in the group.

7) You will give customers the desire to continue investing. And reciprocally, customers will give you the motivation to continue investing in the task.

8) You will pay no heed to gossip and other rumours.

9) You will respect instructions issued by your managers (warehouses, courses, transport etc.) and directors (commercial, personnel, purchases etc.)

10) You will emphasise positivity in how you view things, but without being naive or gullible.